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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Post

Dear reader,

My proud parents have given me a really nice name -Ismi Safia Adila Ibrahim. However, ever since I can remember, Ismi is the most used name.This blog is part of my learning journey of TSL641, a subject taken for my Degree..Enough with the rambling and lets start with the main reason of the FIRST IN-CLASS TASK of TSL 641.

Question 1: What computer software you know how to utilize?
  • Microsoft Office -Words for my assgments, Power Point for my presentation, Excel for my AE, and Publisher used during my Pre Degree TESL for my group's THE BUZZ publication (newletter).

  • Ares - Downloading illegal songs and movies

  • Anti-Virus - to protect the health of my PC

  • Corel - Edit photos
Question 2: What computer hardware skills and knowledge do you have?
ermmm...I only know how to asemble and switch it on..Formating,servicing the computer and other technical stuff the answer is No because I let the expert handles it.

Question 3: What computer / Internet activities do you oftenly engaged in? e.g download songs, upload videos.
Computer for me is the tool used to
  • connect with my friends through Facebook or Friendster or Yahoo Messenger,

  • do my assignments

  • play games

  • listen to music and watch movie

  • look for knowledge and new ideas

  • Edit pictures

  • Organize my collection of photos,music and movie
Question 4 :Did you have the opportunity to use the computer in your teaching during your practicum?
Yes i have, I used Power point to teach them Literature component.

Question 5: Have you participated in any online learning? e.g via educational websites?
As far as I remember, I dont think I've participated in any online learning. But during my practicum I often used educational website to gather idea for my lesson plans and exercise for my students.