Friday, August 28, 2009


Citation : Bearden, Kriti. & Hinkle, Verilette. (2006). The Impact of Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) of Literary Genres on Student Achievement, Student Attitudes, and Teacher Perceptions. Action Research Exchange, Volume 5, Number 1. Retrieved August 15th , 2009, from

Title : The Impact of Computer-Based Instruction of Literary Genres on Student Achievement, Student Attitudes, and Teacher Perceptions

Journal-Volume : Action Research Exchange, Volume5, Number 1.

Author: Kristi Bearden is a media specialist at Kilough Elementary School (KES) in Dawsonville, Georgia, where she has held the position since the schools opening in 2001. She has taught in the Dawson County School System for nine years. In 1997, Kristi added on middle grades education and taught 6th grade Science at Dawson County Middle School (DCMS).

Verilette Hinkle is an associate professor at Valdosta State University. She has 34 years of education experience.

The Summary

This research article by Kristi Bearden and Verilette Hinkle discussed the impact of CBI on student attitudes, teacher perceptions, and student achievement. Using 23 fifth grade students at rural, public elementary school in North Georgia, this research took place during 55 – minute classes over a 9- day period. Methods used to collect data needed were through the literary genres post-test, post-intervention attitude survey and students interview. This research finding revealed that CBI is successful in lengthening students’ attention span, help them remember information, and allowed them to learn at their own pace. Also, teachers participated in this research found that CBI was fun and appropriate educational resource for teaching literary genres. In term of the student achievement it can be well said that students’ achievement in literature area improved after the intervention.

The Review

Since the beginning of my encounter with literature it becomes my least favorite component of English. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the works of all the creative people it’s just I don’t get all the literary terms and maybe because of the boring approach used by my teachers. Yes, this research caught my attention as I don’t want to be the teacher who jeopardized her students’ interest in literature and this research has recommendation on how not to be one – use CBI in your lesson. I would say that this research is well conducted. Even though this research only took place for nine days at selected school, both researchers managed to use up every opportunity they could get their hands on collecting all the data needed for this research. All data were collected from the classroom teacher observation, student interviews, teacher journal, student attitude surveys and literary genres achievement pretest and posttest.

This research provides strong evidence on how CBI impacts the teaching and learning process of the participants. Teaching and learning approach of ESL should be FUN and not parrot like. The time has come for all the teachers to use ICT as part of their lesson. What’s the point of having computer lab IF it was not used for the teaching and learning process? Many studies have found the benefit of CBI in classroom – self learning, increase motivation, student centered etc. Teacher can create a game like activities that involves pictures, color and music that will surely arouse/get the students’ attention. Using computer as part of the lesson does not mean that the teacher has to develop his/her own courseware. A simple Microsoft Word task sheet, Microsoft Excel task sheet and Power Point presentation could do the same good job as the commercial courseware does. Technology is invented to make your life easier and interesting. So teachers should take this advantage and implement it in their lesson apart from improving their ICT skills.