Friday, September 11, 2009



LEVEL: Intermediate

TIME: 70 minutes

AIMS: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to
  1. to locate information on the website
  2. to transfer information to the given worksheet
  1. PC (3 students per PC)
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Web Browser
  1. Prepare worksheets
  2. Check PCs and Internet connection are working before lesson
WEBSITE: Any search engines


Set Induction
  1. Teacher asks students about their favorite foods from other country
  2. Teacher recaps previous lesson
  3. Teacher explains to students the aims of the lesson
  4. Teacher asks students to get into a group of 3 people - 1 PC per group
Task 1
  1. Teacher explains Task 1. Using any search engine students have to locate the given cuisines listed to the country of origin. Students also have to list the main ingredients of each cuisine.
  2. Teacher distributes Task Sheet 1
  3. Teacher teaches students how to use the search engine -
  4. Students are allwoed to disscuss with their friends while fill in the answer
  5. Meanwhile, teacher assists any groups that appear to have problem
Teacher discusses the answer with students

Follow Up Activity
Teacher asks students to choose any one of the listed cuisines and write an e-mail to their friends about the dish. Students have to e-mail their work before the next English class.


Izaham Shah Ismail said...

I believe this would be an interesting lesson. Nevertheless, 35 minutes is just too short, should be more than 1 hour. Well done.

Leen said...

the worksheets look very much delicious. i like your worksheets because it shows picture of different kind of foods and i think that could enhance students' curiosity in finding the origin of the foods. its simple yet very practical and i would enjoy the lesson. -Nur Fazleen Badrul Zaman-

zahiRah said...

A good topic! Students will get involved in the lesson when they discuss about food. The pictures make the worksheet more interesting. I would enjoy the lesson too :)

NaDiA NaIM said...

food...!!an interesting subject to be learnt by the students..esp during the fasting month..=P

hellsdevil said...

this lesson plan is sooo 'tasty'...i wonder what will happen if this class occur before recess time...

ita razak said...

Ismi, you’re always good with food =) The worksheet looks yummy! I like this topic and the flow of activities is interesting. I am sure that the students will be so excited to do the activities especially when looking at those yummy foods. Well done.

PAMMY said...

I totally agree with them. Very interesting and delicious. I believe students will discuss this outside the classroom too (other friends and family) Btw, I did your lesson activity and thanks for improving my recipe's collection! thumbs up!

hYsteric_aWaii said...

how can u ever go wrong with foooodddsss... nice and cool LP and have to agree that if it is done in a double period class it would be really good, ample time for the students to get creative...kudos to ya!

femme said...

u make me craving for food ismi!!! the task sheets sure make the students drooling...nyum2